Cold and Flu Prevention Tips:


1. WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 20 seconds with soap and water! This is probably the number one thing you can do to prevent illness. Be sure your children are washing their hands often or using hand sanitizer.

2. Don't touch your face. Even if germs are on your hands, they can't enter the body unless you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Teach your children to not touch their faces either. (You will be amazed at how many times you touch your face once you begin to pay attention!)

3. If your doctor recommends it, get a flu shot for your entire family! Often times doctor's offices have special rooms set-up in the fall just for giving flu shots. So, it's fast, easy and effective.

4. Don't share food, drinks, lipstick/chapstick or toothpaste with other people, even family members. Germs can carry from one person to the other easily.

5. Avoid kissing on the lips of you feel yourself getting sick. (This is especially hard with young children, but try to refrain. Also, try to avoid letting people touch your baby's hands as well.)

6. Clean doorknobs, bathrooms and children's toys with disinfecting cleaner often.

7. Yogurt has been shown to stimulate production of an immune system substance that fights disease. So, eat up!

8. Let fresh air into your home at least once a week even if it is extremely cold outside. Studies have shown that the air inside your home is 2 to 5 times worse than the air outside. Allowing fresh air in will help to get stale, unhealthy air out and fresh air in!

9. Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water so that your body will be able to fight off illness.

10. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK! No need to spread your germs to others!


Preventing Illness While Entertaining:


Here are a few great tips for cold and flu prevention even if your house is full of guests!

1. Use disposable plates, napkins, cups, and silverware.

2. Place tissues in several places around your home along with a bottle of hand sanitizer to remind people to keep their hands clean.

3. Disinfect doorknobs, railings, and bathrooms after guests leave.

4. Be sure all the food you are serving have utensils so that guests aren't tempted to use their hands! Also, unwrapped bowls of food like candies, mints or nuts are not a good idea. Try buying these individually wrapped and then placed in a bowl.


Preventing Illness While Traveling:


Here are a few tips to help keep you germ-free while traveling!

1. Wipe down your hotel room with disinfecting wipes including areas like door knobs, bathrooms, light switches and the TV remote! Germs can linger on surfaces for up to 18 hours.

2. Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol especially while traveling by plane. Alcohol can weaken the immune system.

3. Use a saline spray during airplane trips. The air inside the cabin can dry out the nose and make it easier for germs to enter.

4. Wash your hands often!

5. When traveling abroad be sure to pay attention to public health and travel advisories. Some countries may have illnesses that you should be aware of!


If you do end-up with a cold...

Eventually, someone in your family WILL end-up with a cold or flu. Be sure the sick person gets plenty of rest and try some of these great natural cold remedies to help them feel better faster.

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