"Design, Development & Implementation of Custom Safety Programs"


Allow me to introduce U.S.A. Safety Corporation to you. We are located in Arlington, Texas and currently provide services to thousands of employees throughout several states. Our Safety and Health Professionals have over 50 years combined experience. We are approved and registered by the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission as Professional Source Consultants. We are an active member of the Texas Safety Association and National Safety Council. Our objective is to provide your company with a professional source in Risk Management and Loss Control. We design, implement and monitor a comprehensive safety program tailored to your specific needs at an affordable cost.

Our representatives are highly skilled professionals who provide "hands on training" directly to your supervisors and employees to develop safety procedures and loss control objectives. This is done on a regularly scheduled basis as desired by your company. They have the knowledge and expertise to help your personnel understand safety codes established and enforced by government agencies such as OSHA.

Our Safety Professionals are skilled in identifying hazards that may cause accidents. They are prepared to recommend solutions to remedy unsafe acts and unsafe conditions observed in your operations. They can also assist you on noise pollution, air contaminants, ventilation problems and other controllable measures required for good industrial safety.

U.S.A. Safety Corporation will assist you in meeting the challenges in today's work environment by providing services that include, but are not limited to:

By utilizing the expertise of U.S.A. Safety Corporation, you and your employees can incur fewer losses, improve safety awareness through the creation of a higher production standard and better profit margin for your company. Our clients apprecitate the convenience of having one company responsible of their expanding safety needs.

We would appreciate the opportunity to help you provide a safer work environment. Please call us at Metro (817) 930-0640, for additional information.

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